Day 48 (27.03.2018) – Bangkok – arrival

A second day of industrial belt, major highways, lots and lots of traffic.  Today we did some lane-changing on the 6-lane highways to get to a U-turn spot to get to the other side of the highway (the other option was stairs again with a pedestrian bridge, but this time steeper stairs and not much room for us with bikes to carry up the stairs) – sorry no pictures of us middle of this highway with cars and trucks whizzing left and right of us as we changes lanes from the shoulder to the innermost lane (I have a video from my GoPro, but that’s too big to upload here).

Traffic in Thailand is a lot more coordinated than in Vietnam and Cambodia – people adhere the rules a lot more, but for that, they drive a lot faster, and the roads are mostly set up for vehicular traffic – as a cyclist, it was sometimes challenging to get across the multiple lanes through speeding traffic. I felt that it was often easier dealing with the chaos of Vietnamese traffic (even in HCMC), than changing lanes with the scarily fast Thai drivers…

We got to our hotel (The Cottages at Suvarnabhumi) – a quaint little hotel with pool and super helpful staff. We picked the hotel because it was relatively near to the airport (though you couldn’t hear any of the planes) meaning we were close for our departure with boxed bikes in a few days, and it was on the east side of Bangkok, saving us the cycle across Bangkok (I don’t even want to think about how nasty that would have been).


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