Day 47 (26.03.2018) – Pattaya to Chon Buri


Not much to say – in the middle of Thailands industrial belt – lots of major highways, traffic, and factories. The result was some challenging navigation as we tried to get around the 8-12 lane highways – which was not always possible and we ended up in the middle (yes in the middle) of the highways, dodging cars and truck driving past us – sometimes we found just no other way of crossing the highways

At one point, the construction surprised us and we had cross the highway using a pedestrian bridge – carrying the bikes up the VERY steep stairs on one side and down the other).

We also discovered the various forms of bicycle-destroying manhole covers that they have here – the problem being, they were on the major roads, right where we had to cycle, meaning we would have to swerve out into traffic regularly to avoid our front/rear wheels disappearing into the slots on the covers.

Our stay for the night was serviced apartments in middle of an industrial area – everything seemed set up for the local factory workers (mostly Japanese companies) and their visitors (lots of Japanese style foods to be had.



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