Days 41 & 42 (20 & 21.03) – On Koh Chang, Thailand

Days 41 & 42 (20 & 21.03) – On Koh Chang, Thailand

What can I say – did nothing for 2 days except lay out in the warm air, listening to music, looking out on the beach/waves and just being a peace.


Got a nice sunburn (after just ½ hour of direct sunshine), and worked on moving my cyclist tan lines on my legs up a bit.


We also had a couple of short (< half hour) rain showers during the day, and at night. And man did it rain for those short periods of time – massive amounts of rain in big fat drops…. But otherwise the weather was great…


The breakfast buffet was HUGE with a great terrace looking directly onto the beach to eat – we had nice LONG breakfasts here…




For dinner, we wandered down the beach, where there was one restaurant after the other set up on the beach grilling an amazing array of seafood – the tables and chairs were set up direcly on the beach (t was low tide), with temporary lighting….. and lots of locals who would do fire/juggling shows on the beach (asking for tips afterwards naturally) to entertain. It was amazing how this whole eating and drinking strip appeared after dark, and by the morning everything was cleared away and you couldn’t tell it was there the next day.



A couple of bars with live music – sitting on the beach drinking G&Ts looking into the darkness across the sea and listening to music – just great.


An the most amazing sunsets – given that we were looking west, and nothing to be seen on the horizon (except the lights of the fishing boats after it was dark)….wow!!!


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