Day 40 (19.03) – To Koh Chang Island, Thailand

Breakfast was delivered to our respective bungalows this morning by a lady on a motorbike – everything was nicely wrapped in plastic foil….


After that it was back to the highway, with lots of worries about the traffic situation with the construction – but after about ½ hour cycling, the construction was over, and the rest of the time on the highway was on completed 4-lane wide shoulder spacious cycling – no trucks and busses screaming past within an armslength.


We also discovered iced Cafe Latte from their Coffee-shop chain “Café Amazon”. Drank a lot of these over the next few days…

Our destination was the resort island Koh Chang – one of the largest resort islands in Thailand and 75% of it a national park. We decided to pamper ourselves with 2 days beach/resort time off.


So we continued up the coast, thought Trat (the major eastern city), and on to the ferry terminal.


The ferry itself was quite old, and you couldn’t help remembering all the news stories you’ve heard about hundreds of people drowning in overfilled ferries in SE Asia that had sunk…. But weather was good, and we made it across the 30-odd minute trip with no problems.


On Koh Chang itself, we had a short hill that we had to get over to get from the east to the west side of the island. And what a hill it was – 1 km, and 150m but it went up with up to 25% gradient – something that we just were not able to get up with by bike – so push we did…. The traffic itself crawled up (and often down) the serpentines next to us. It was exhausting pushing the heavy bike up in the heat…..


But oh what fun it was coming down the other side – I hit almost 60km/h coming down, but was restricted through trucks ahead of me (and the serpentines) going any faster – the disk brakes on the bike were a blessing to have.




The resort itself (KC Grande) was a dream. A big pool (with bar), directly on a white beach with no rocks in sight, no garbage, and happy hour from 4-6pm. This was going to be fun!!!


So it was quickly change, hit the beach/pool and lay out in the sun (under umbrellas) and chill….


(68 km / 254m)

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