Day 38 (17.03) – to Koh Kong and the Thai border

Our wonderful Guesthouse did not offer any breakfast, so we had breakfast at one of the many other local restaurants along the main road – and they all had lots to offer – all the same as what they had the night before…. Same pots, same dishes, same contents from last night as well?


The day continued through the conservation corridor in SW Cambodia – much the same as yesterday, not much traffic, lots of wilderness left and right, only some great hills this time (namely down to the river valley and up again on the other side – up to 12% gradient).

What keeps me going during the day



The day was not that long, as we wanted to cross the border in the morning (with lots of time), so by shortly after noon, we were in our hotel for the evening – pool, nice rooms, inner courtyard – quite pleasant.

Being a border town, it had lots to offer in food as well – we found a “café” that would do us for breakfast tomorrow, and a French-run restaurant, that had great food (French/Cambodian mix) with a wonderful view across the river.

This evening we got an amazing sunset and thunderstorm mixture that made for an amazing light spectacle at sundown (just as we were having dinner) – absolutely amazing. Alas I had no camera along to record any of it……


The last evening in Cambodia was uneventful – we are looking forward to getting into a “more developed” country for a while…


(62km / 772m)

3 thoughts on “Day 38 (17.03) – to Koh Kong and the Thai border

  1. Andrea says:

    I like the sign with the elephant… but don’t think it’s too much fun when they cross the road while your’re cycling along…..

  2. Joachim says:

    Hi Roland,
    did you find the answer to all questions yesterday? (March 22nd == Day 42 …)
    Ride On!
    Best Regards,

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